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Overcoming the Unique Challenges of Infill Development to Deliver a Gold LEED for Core & Shell Project

Infill development is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction, focusing on the reuse and replacement of obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites. Infill development presents unique challenges to a construction company. What will be done with the obsolete building's materials as it is demolished? Are there any asbestos issues to be addressed? Is the existing water / sewer / power infrastructure sufficient to support the new building's operations? How do you minimize and mitigate interruption to the operations of neighboring businesses? This paper describes how general contractor Bob Moore Construction addressed the challenges of demolition and subsequent construction of major new facilities as part of an infill development program and delivered a LEED Gold Certified project.

The LEEDŽ Rating System and U.S. Green Building Council

Find out more information about what it means to get LEED certified. A brand certification of the United States Green Building Council, LEED rating attemps to address all types of buildings, while emphasizing state-of-the-art strategies for sustainable site development, energy efficiency, water savings, materials selection, among others. According to the USGBC, "LEED is a practical rating tool for green building design and construction that provides immediate and measurable results for building owners and occupants."

Building Green - Getting Started

If you're an investor or developer who's interested in learning about the process of green building, here are a few basics to help you get going. Building green is becoming more and more important as our resources dwindle, and we become more aware of the sensitivities to toxins that many people have. With the price of oil and natural gas rising, saving energy is a big concern.

Green Building - The Challenges Towards Widespread Acceptance By Home Builders

Energy savings, higher productivity and less waste. These are but a few of the many attributes towards implementing green building concepts and practices. These days, because of programs like the U.S. Green Building Council's landmark LEED rating system for buildings, the ideas and concepts of green building have now entered the mainstream.

Looking to Cut Costs? 3 Manageable Strategies to Lower Your Facility Budget

Many organizations don't realize the tremendous amount of money they spend every year on commercial facilities. With today's sophisticated systems and rising energy costs, the problem is growing. Here are three manageable strategies your organization can employ to lower your facility budget.

The Ten Greenest Buildings in the World

We're not talking hunter green, sea-foam green or Wint-o-Green Lifesavers, just to be perfectly clear. This green is gray, black, charcoal, red and any other color found in the rainbow. It's all about sustainability, LEED certification, environmental honors, structures under construction and a little dreaming for the future. And though the title of "Greenest Building of the World," is based somewhat on a subjective notion, there is much to be said about the following group of buildings. Some for living, some for working and all for taking care of our planet, in one way or another.

Consumer Attitudes About Green Building

Consumer interest in green building exploded in 2007, and it's still growing. Thanks to extensive media coverage, an increasing number of consumers are becoming familiar with sustainability and green building. Newspapers warn about climate change and soaring gas prices. Retail giants like Wal-Mart have adopted sustainable practices and opened green stores. Hollywood has jumped on the green bandwagon, incorporating green practices in its 2008 Oscars. Home and garden television shows offer a steady stream of shows promoting green living.

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